Dreyfuss Brothers, Inc.

"... we have been extremely pleased with their collection results and professional level of service."


FMS Financial Solutions Highlights:

FMS Financial Solutions is a valuable risk management tool. Risk takes many forms in today’s business climate. Our job is to identify your risk and provide a buffer. Outsourcing to FMS Financial Solutions reduces your direct liability by insulating your business in the following areas.

  • FMS Financial Solutions' representatives receive on-going training in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Consumer Credit Protection Act, and HIPAA Compliance to remain current as the requirements and legal restrictions of your business change. Their carefully-crafted, scripted responses are standardized for your protection.
  • FMS Financial Solutions' technology provides multiple levels of secure, password-encrypted access to your data. Your financial records and your customers’ private information are protected from intrusion by unauthorized parties.
  • All FMS Financial Solutions' employees are carefully screened by thorough criminal background checks. We can provide the same level of diligent fact-finding to our Clients in their hiring process.
  • Our employee training includes instruction in our proprietary methodology that increases the rate of debt collection by an average of 10-15% higher than published levels of return by competitors.
  • Debt Acquisition can lower your financial risk and provide your business with the capital it needs to grow. FMS Financial Solutions has the financial resources to handle large debt acquisition.
  • Innovative loan opportunities for your customers provide an attractive way to grow your business, while protecting your revenue stream.
  • At FMS Financial Solutions, Clients have the ability to customize the collection efforts to best suit their business objectives and needs.
  • A variety of Pricing Programs to meet individual Client needs.

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