Director, Advanced Spine & Wellness Center

"You have allowed me to focus on being a quality physician doing what I do best, instead of dealing with delinquent accounts and patients who do not want to pay for services rendered."


FMS Financial Solutions Overview:

FMS Financial Solutions is a diversified financial services company that provides reliable, secure outsourced financial services to a wide variety of Professional, Commercial and Retail Clients. FMS Financial Solutions has been a strong leader in the business community for 18 years. Our reputation for accurate, confidential services and our proven expertise in Collections, Loans, Debt Acquisition and Criminal Background Investigations make us the first choice for many individuals, corporations and organizations who want top-notch service and superior results.

Our mission is clear: to demonstrate to our Clients that FMS Financial Solutions will reduce overhead, simplify administrative tasks, improve morale, and show you a greater rate of return that any other single solution. When your staff works on productive, customer-facing tasks that support what you do best, your business prospers. Our representatives will demonstrate that the combination of advanced technology and professional training combine to successfully recover debts, either in one sum or through a managed collections schedule.

FMS Financial Solutions knows that customer service begins with the right person in the right job. Our account representatives are confident, experienced collections professionals who become our Clients’ advocates. They navigate a new Client through the implementation procedures, which are designed to customize our services to fit your needs. FMS Financial Solutions knows that a strong, organized implementation is the cornerstone to building a good relationship with a Client.

We know who you are. You want to work with a company that understands its business thoroughly and is willing to learn about yours. You want someone who approaches you with fresh, innovative solutions that get results. You want a financial services partner with a superb reputation for integrity. You want the best. That’s who we are.

This communication is from a debt collector.
This is an attempt to collect a debt.
Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.