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"These efforts have led to annual collection increases in our portfolio every year since partnering with FMS. In fact, this year's increase over last year is in excess of 12%."


Commercial/Retail Collection Benefits:

Clear Communication:

Sending your delinquent accounts to a collection agency should not seem like you have lost control or given up the ability to manage your outstanding accounts receivable. At FMS you have the ability to review your entire portfolio 24/7 on our interactive website. You can communicate directly with our collectors, advise us if there is a change we need to know about, or examine account activity and balances. We have created proprietary technology, which allows you to review reports and filter the information to suit your specific needs. We welcome calls from our Clients who wish to speak with our representatives to inquire about their account. On a monthly basis we send a report outlining all collection activity along with your check. Additionally, by logging into your account using our secure encrypted website, you can review the accounts submitted for errors, omissions, and provide additional information about the debt to facilitate the collection process. At FMS we believe that our technology and competent staff allow us to communicate with our clients efficiently, effectively and CLEARLY.

Client/Customer Retention:

We understand the importance of maintaining a customer base and the cost involved in acquiring new clients and losing existing ones. At FMS, not only do we try to collect defaulted debt, but at the same time, if our clients request, we will work to re-establish a business relationship between both parties. Our collectors are specifically trained in the art of Diplomatic Negotiations in order to maintain your reputation in the industry, while at the same time receiving payment for services/products that you have delivered. By taking the time to understand your industry and needs, we can deliver first class collection efforts yielding superior results.

Customized Collection Efforts:

Unlike most other collection agencies which do not focus on preserving business relationships that you have worked so hard to establish, FMS has the ability for you to control the manner in which we will pursue collections on your behalf. You have the ability to choose one, two, or any combination of the following levels of collection activity for your account. This can be done on an account-by-account basis or according to a customized protocol for your entire portfolio of delinquent receivables.

  • Report to Major Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Report on Your Behalf to Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Send Written Correspondence to Motivate Collections
  • Have a Professional Debt Collector Call to Assess and Negotiate on Your Behalf
  • If You Desire, FMS Will Use its Network of Qualified Attorneys to Initiate Legal Action on Your Behalf.
  • Negotiate Settlement in Full/Repayment Plans of The outstanding Balance Per Your Instructions or Guidelines

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This is an attempt to collect a debt.
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