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Criminal Background Investigation Benefits:

Confidence in Hiring Decisions:
In todayís society, employers have difficulty in determining the integrity and truthfulness of the information provided by prospective employees based solely on the application submitted. In our litigious society, prior employers may not provide negative assessments or accurate employment verifications for fear of retaliation by the employee. Furthermore, once hired, it is difficult to dismiss an employee based on information obtained after the probationary period.

Confidence in Securing Vital Information:
Identity theft and computer fraud have become the reality in todayís business environment. Many businesses employ workers who have access to your customerís confidential information including: credit card numbers, social security numbers, personal health information, computer files, passwords, and other private data. The low cost of a background investigation is negligible compared to the cost of a companyís loss of reputation, risk of a lawsuit, or time spent restoring client confidence due to hiring an employee with an unknown criminal history.

At FMS we have developed propriety, secure, easy to use technology to allow our clients the ability to request and receive criminal background investigations online. We will store the information within your account for future use and easy access to files. Clients of FMS can be billed for this service on a monthly basis or it can be paid for with a credit card on case-by-case basis.

This communication is from a debt collector.
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Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.