Siegel & Bosworth, ENT Center

"We have not received any patient complaints regarding the collection tactics used by FMS. I am confident that FMS Financial Solutions has an advantage over other companies because of Dr. Hausfeld’s knowledge of experience. He understands our concern for how our patients are treated."


Welcome to FMS Financial Solutions:

FMS Financial Solutions is a professional debt collection and financial services company that achieves industry leading results through integrating customized state-of-the-industry technology, proprietary methodology, and a well trained, competent staff.

Our services support large and small businesses, professional associations and organizations, as well as individuals. We know that, in a competitive landscape, outsourcing the collection of debt can mean the difference between high fixed administrative costs and the recapturing of profit to improve your bottom line. Let us reach back to help your business move forward.

Client/Creditor Services:

Our Technology:

FMS Financial Solutions utilizes the latest in web technology and security to offer both Clients and Consumers easy management of all of their collections needs.