Quail Hollow Apartments

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Multi-Family/Real Estate Collection Benefits:

One major landlord concern is the historically low collection ratio of collection agencies. We take great pride in our successful collection ratios: 41-44% for Class A through D buildings combined; and 78-90% for Class A properties. Our success is in part attributed to the timely submission of accounts and the validity of the information supplied. The FMS staff will work closely with your managers to maximize our results, yielding a higher percentage of debt collected. We will do this in person, by phone, and with the use of our state-of-the-art, interactive website.

Comprehensive Collections:
FMS will exhaust all other means of collections before referring debtors for legal action. We recognize that once legal action is pursued, fees, court costs, and the extended amount of time inherent in the legal process diminish the amount of money recovered. Additionally, our staff uses innovative loan programs for qualified debtors to pay back creditors immediately, or if you desire, FMS will consider acquiring the portfolio should you find that scenario more desirable.

Customer Service:
FMS Financial Solutions is a debt collection and debt-servicing with corporate headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland, and has been specializing in the landlord tenant sector for over 18 years. With over 75 employees in our Greenbelt facility, we have teams dedicated to skip tracing, collections, as well as legal issues.

There are many elements that differentiate FMS Financial Solutions from other collection firms. The most important is that we will not cherry pick your accounts and put the less desirable files on a credit bureau report never to be touched again. Our collectors will continuously work the account, searching for assets during the entire seven-year statute of limitations. That is what has allowed us to achieve superior results for our clients. This is why the previous Director of Property Management at Grady, Walt Donaldson, uses FMS Financial Solutions exclusively for his collection and debt servicing needs.

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