Director, Advanced Spine & Wellness Center

"You have allowed me to focus on being a quality physician doing what I do best, instead of dealing with delinquent accounts and patients who do not want to pay for services rendered."


Medical Collection Benefits:

Financial Costs:
When you donít receive timely payments for goods or services, your business plans can stall. It can delay payments to vendors or prevent you from meeting payroll obligations. In an environment of reduced compensation and increasing operational costs, recovering profit from defaulted accounts allows your practice grow and expand your services.

Opportunity Costs:
Qualified office administrators and managers are expensive, but worth every dollar when your business runs smoothly. When their time is spent writing letters and calling patients to collect debt, they enjoy their work less and ultimately, daily operations suffer. Your valuable, talented staff wants to participate in the challenge and the opportunity that will come with quality healthcare delivery, service enhancements and business expansion, instead of chasing outstanding receivables.

Relationship Costs:
Debt is never a simple issue. Extenuating circumstances may force a good patient to become a problem debtor. With luck, that patient will financially recover and continue with your practice. Collecting money owed, without injuring the relationship, is delicate work. Outsourcing this task to our professional collectors can help you and your staff avoid embarrassing situations while maintaining the positive relationship you have developed with your patients.

This communication is from a debt collector.
This is an attempt to collect a debt.
Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.